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Asset Integrity Management

At May's Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX, we were pleased to announce and launch KBR Integrity Management (KBR IM). From the wellhead to the point of sale, KBR IM has a proven track record in all three major phases of an asset's lifecycle, combining decades of engineering & construction experience, with world-class operational IM capabilities, and extensive expertise in end-of-life decisions. This breadth of experience and knowledge allows us to make informed decisions to ensure optimal performance throughout the asset lifecycle.


Every operator’s primary goal is to maximize production over the life of an asset in a safe and cost effective manner. Achieving that balance between increased production, safety, and optimized OPEX requires a detailed technical understanding of your systems backed by the operational experience to make decisions that result in practical and achievable management practices. KBR Integrity Management’s approach to Operational Excellence (OE) is a continuous improvement process that views assets at a field level, assessing risk and production impacts across every system to ensure that all aspects of IM are optimized. Operational Excellence is a sustainable and measurable program based on core principles which we integrate with our customers’ corporate philosophy to develop systems tailored to specific requirements and select the appropriate tools required to implement the operations and integrity strategies in a safe and cost effective manner. Our IM consulting business spans the following:

An integrated, multi-disciplinary and innovative IM contractor with a global presence, KBR supports the operators of offshore and onshore assets in obtaining and maintaining true operability excellence even in challenging times. KBR couples the world-class capabilities of a large EPCI contractor with a widely recognized IM expertise to ensure seamless, effective life-long support of our customers and their assets.


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