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About Us

Energo’s services center on one goal — solving the most difficult and challenging structural problems for operators in the oil and gas industry around the world. Through our two main service areas, advanced structural engineering and integrity management, Energo ensures that clients’ onshore and offshore assets are high quality, structurally sound and tested to withstand long-term exposure to a variety of environmental and geographic conditions, as well as to prevent structural failures from catastrophic events. From engineering deepwater facilities in seismic regions to preparing for inspections, and retrofitting existing facilities to conducting risk assessments, Energo’s comprehensive structural capabilities result in fewer damages and repairs, minimized costs, enhanced value and the peace of mind that comes from thorough analysis and preparation.

Energo’s headquarters are located in Houston, and we are developing satellite offices in Leatherhead, U.K. and Perth, Australia, alongside existing Granherne offices.


Energo Engineering is a specialty engineering firm that solves challenging structural engineering and risk assessment problems worldwide for the benefit of the oil and gas industry, our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

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